Do you put a price on nature?

Do you care as much of the nature as you do about yourself? When you do your hair, do you care about the price? If you cannot afford to do your hair, do you still do it? Most of you will say yes.

Actually, the hair is a good example of our priorities. Why do you do your hair even you cannot afford it, or every month even you don´t need to? You want to look good. Or you want to make a statement to others that you are a success, or you feel good about yourself.

So why do we not do the same with Mother Earth, who provides us with all the resources that we need to live?

Green self-development

Many of us spend thousands of dollars on self-development, such as coaching to stop smoking, to get better health, to be our best selves, to be energetic, on yoga and meditation. What if we could do the same in being our best selves to take care of Mother Earth? Would you do it? If you would do it, what would you like help to do?

Some free tip to be a better green you:

  1. Map your habits, and find an area where you have the potential to get something done in an easy way, and that will give you a good feeling about your self
  2. Make a plan to stay on track, so that you don´t forget your goals. For instance, a goal to reduce your shopping, you could make a plan for a white month with no shopping, or just shop vintage
  3. Give yourself a reward when you have met your goals for each week

If you want guidance on how to be better in taking care of the environment, please fell free to contact me for a free mapping session.


Hugs and kisses

Nina ♥