Shopping and waste goes hand in hand

Have you ever looked closely at your habits when it comes to shopping and waste? How aware are your family? Do you teach your kids good habits when it comes to the topic? Do you think they learn enough at school? What role model are you?

This are important questions to ask yourself if you want to change to a greener lifestyle. And if you start with yourself, others will follow. It does not need to be hard, just be aware 🙂 And remember that you don’t need to do it perfect – good enough is good enough!

Practical tip

Ask yourself;

  • Do I need this? Do I need this right now, or can it wait?
  • Is it something that can be fixed?
  • Do i know somebody that can fix it?
  • If there isn’t anybody to fix it, is it a business opportunity to fix it?
  • Would somebody pay to get it fixed?
  • Is there anybody else that can find use in my old stuff if you need something new? Sell or giveaway?
  • Always take care of what you have in case it can be sold or given away later, but don’t wait to long
  • Can it be recycled? Or is it just waste?
  • Does this product contain toxins that can affect me or my children? Does this toxins affect the workers or their children, either in production, in the air, their water supply or food?